Oticon CROS

Oticon CROS

The Oticon CROS is the first CROS/BiCROS hearing aid that is proven to assist speech awareness in sonically crowded environments and enable wireless streaming at the same time. The CROS is powered by Oticon’s innovative Velox S™ platform and is fully compatible with Oticon’s premium product families. This hearing aid is for patients with single-sided deafness (deafness in one ear). 

The Oticon CROS uses TwinLink™ technology to connect to external audio devices via Bluetooth®. With dual-streaming, patients can use the CROS to simultaneously listen to music and carry out a full conversation with someone positioned on their poorer ear side. Results of a recent study show that the Oticon CROS delivers a 50% average improvement in speech awareness while utilizing dual-streaming.

Oticon CROS Features

  • OpenSound Navigator™ delivers a 360º listening experience
  • TwinLink™ dual-streaming technology allows simultaneous listening in one ear
  • Compaitible with Oticon’s premium product families, such as: Opn S™, Opn Play™, Xceed, Xceed Play
  • Available at several different price points

Oticon CROS Models & Styles

The Oticon CROS comes in the miniRITE T style and seven colors. It can be fitted as a CROS or BiCROS.

The Oticon CROS comes in seven different colors, including: grey, black, white, and tan.

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