Oticon Opn Play™

Oticon Opn Play™ Image

The Oticon Opn Play™ is a revolutionary pediatric hearing aid that allows children to experience the full potential of the open sound paradigm. Built upon the new Velox S™ platform, the Oticon Opn Play™ has the power to increase speech understanding in noisy environments and aid in the day-to-day challenges of growing up with hearing impairment. 

Oticon Opn Play™ allows children to seamlessly connect to the environment around them. It is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid and easily connects to smartphones and tablets. 

This hearing aid’s OpenSound Navigator™ is proven to increase a child’s ability to:

  • Understand speech better by up to 30%
  • Learn incidentally by preserving competing speech
  • Reduce listening effort by enhancing learning opportunities

Oticon Opn Play Features

  • OpenSound Navigator™ allows children complete access to the full soundscape around them and automatically optimizes learning opportunities
  • OpenSound Optimizer™ provides optimal gain without the risk of feedback and optimizes audibility for improved language development
  • OpenSound Booster™ can activate a new very high setting when needed
  • The Velox S™ platform enables a bounty of features and offers faster data processing than ever before
  • Oticon ON App gives children and parents intuitive access to a wide range of functions
  • Made for Iphone® hearing aid and can connect seamlessly with external Bluetooth capable devices
  • Supports classroom learning with included easy-to-use solutions

The Ideal Hearing Aid for Classroom Use

The Oticon Opn Play™ provides options for exceptional classroom listening. Options to improve SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) when noise or distance affects speech understanding include:

  • Oticon EduMic
  • Ear-level FM compatibility with the BTE PP
  • Neckloop access is included with the miniRITE T, miniRITE R, and BTE PP styles

How the Oticon Opn Play improves classroom learning

Oticon Opn Play Models & Styles

Each style is suitable for children with mild-to-severe hearing loss. 

  • BTE PP style is a 13 battery Plus Power instrument. This style features a telecoil, double push- button, optional LED indicator, ear-level FM compatibility, and a tamper-resistant battery door 
  • MiniRITE T is a discreet multi-purpose style that comes with an LED. This style features a telecoil, double push-button, and a 312 battery
  • MiniRITE R is similar in appearance to the miniRITE T. This style offers a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to eliminate the hassle of battery replacement every couple of days
  • MiniRITE is the smallest Opn Play™ style

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