Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers and in all sizes, from behind the ear to completely in-the-canal. We believe in providing the latest technology with personalized care.

Hearing Aid Success

Hearing Aid Brands:

Choosing the right hearing instrument can be overwhelming, given the vast array of brands, styles, and designs available. That’s why at the Hearing Center at VEI, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the process.

Our audiologists, Dr. Crystal Amantea & Dr. Meghan West, will provide personalized assistance, addressing all your questions and concerns. To further reduce your stress, we exclusively offer the most reputable brands on the market. Below, you can view the brands we carry:

Hearing Aid Success
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Connectivity Features
& Options

Modern hearing aids offer a wealth of connectivity features designed to enhance the user experience and improve overall quality of life. At The Hearing Center at VEI, we offer a range of cutting-edge hearing aids with customizable connectivity options to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our patients.


Allows users to wirelessly stream audio directly from compatible devices such as smartphones, TVs, and computers, providing clear and seamless communication in various listening environments.


Rechargeable hearing aids offer convenience and sustainability by eliminating the need for disposable batteries.

App Connectivity

App connectivity enables users to adjust settings, monitor battery life, and access additional features from their smartphone or tablet.


Adjustability to Your Environment

Adjustability to adapt to changing environments, optimizing sound quality and reducing background noise for improved speech understanding.

Hearing Assisted Technology

Hearing-assistive technologies such as telecoil and directional microphones further enhance hearing clarity and comprehension, ensuring that users can fully engage in conversations and activities with confidence and ease.

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The Different Types of Hearing Aids:

Every pair of ears is unique, just like the individuals they belong to. At the Hearing Center at Virginia Eye Institute, we provide modern, customizable hearing aids to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your choice.

During your visit to the Hearing Center, our audiologists, Dr. Crystal Amantea & Dr. Meghan West, will guide you through selecting the hearing aids that best suit your hearing needs and lifestyle.

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